Harpreet tragically passed away on New Year’s Day 2013. This in itself is very hard to accept. However, on the 12th Jan 2013, Elle-Mae, who had attended her best friend Harpreet’s funeral the day before, was rushed to hospital with a severe headache. As it transpired she had also suffered a brain haemorrhage (similar to Harpreet). Elle-Mae’s family are from Kingswinford, Dudley. But for the last 18 months Elle-Mae has been at Tadworth Children’s Centre in Surrey with her mum by her side.

On Sunday 7th September, Harpreet's father, Parm Gakhal, ran the Wolverhampton Half Marathon to raise money for Elle-Mae. This in itself is a no small feat for he is 51 years old and the last time he did any running was at school over 35 years ago.

All funds raised will be donated to Elle-Mae's family to :-

Each year to mark Harpreet’s birthday, her family aims to raise money for a good cause. Last year they raised approx. £2,500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and £3,300 at Harpreet’s funeral, this money went to the the Pingalwara orphanage in India.

Elle-Mae's uncle, Lloyd Sutton ran with Parm and supported him the whole way ! He was a constant source of inspiration and they crossed the finish line together in a time of 2hrs 40mins. Because of him and all the support from the sponsors and kind words from family and friends motivated Parm to complete the race successfully.

If you would like to find out more about Elle-Mae you can find her at “Team Elle-Mae” on Facebook. Previous fund-raising efforts are here

If you would like to donate please contact us at donation@gakhal.net

Thanks for your continued support,
Harpreet's Family & Friends