AN UPDATE from the family:

With what would have been our wonderful Harpreetís 21st birthday today, we thought it fitting to commemorate the special occasion by providing an update as to our fundraising efforts!

After raising just under £6000 in 2013, the combined support and fundraising spirit of family and friends has not let up and we continue to organise events and keep the donations coming in for the Harpreet Kaur Gakhal Trust.

We have undertaken a significant amount of work with Birmingham Childrenís Hospital and in May 2016, Harpreetís school, the efforts of staff and students Wolverhampton Girlís High School were recognised in the hospitalís annual ĎA Hundred Heroesí event for numerous fundraisers; from non-uniform days, sports days, bake sales and samosa sales. The same has been done at Woodthorne Primary School where Harpreet also attended!

To mark Harpreetís 20th birthday in October 2015, we held a Film Night screening one of her favourite films, ĎThe Sister Actí with proceeds in excess of £2000 all going towards Magnolia House, a bereavement centre complex at Birmingham Childrenís Hospital. The hospital acknowledged the efforts and nominated Harpreetís close friend as Charity Champion for her fundraising efforts. In November 2014, we held a Bollywood Dinner and Dance event, a hugely popular night which will definitely be happening again in the near future!

It canít go without saying that Harpreetís Dad has run four half-marathons (having never done any running prior to 2013!) in aid of Birmingham Childrenís Hospital and Elle-Mae Davidson, Harpreetís friend who unfortunately suffered a brain haemorrhage shortly after Harpreetís passing and is undergoing continued rehabilitation.

Harpreetís light shines brightly on through her family, friends and all of the strangers-turned-friends who have been touched by her contagious happiness and love for life. For us, it means that even those who were not fortunate enough to have met Harpreet are able to see the impact she made on everyone else. This 21st birthday is a happy one for many reasons, but most importantly because we continue to meet more and more people who are amazed at the legacy a young girl can effortlessly leave in such a short time.

We would like to give a huge thanks to EVERYONE for their donations, support and friendship over the past 3 years.

Photographs of our fundraising events to follow - watch this space!